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J.Cole Drops New Song “Snow on tha Bluff”, Listen


J.Cole Drops New Song “Snow on tha Bluff”, Listen

J. Cole has dropped a surprise new record.

On Tuesday (June 16), J.Cole released a new track titled “Snow on tha Bluff.” The title of the track seems to be inspired by the 2012 film Snow on tha Bluff, a story about Curtis Snow, an Atlanta drug dealer and robber who steals a camera from college students wanting drugs then begins to document his life.

J. Cole speaks on the current state of the world. The 35-year-old rapper touches on the pain felt by Black women, social media activism and the collective feelings of anger and uncertainty felt by the Black community across the United States.

A “young lady out there, she way smarter than me” he speaks about a certain lady, after seeing her social media timeline. Cole doesn’t agree with how she shares her message with people. “Just ’cause you woke and I’m not, that shit ain’t no reason to talk like you better than me/How you gon’ lead, when you attackin’ the very same niggas that really do need the shit that you sayin’?/Instead of conveying you holier, come help get us up to speed/Shit, it’s a reason it took like two hundred years for our ancestors just to get freed” Cole raps over the Wu10-produced track.

These shackles be lockin’ the mental way more than physical/I look at freedom like trees, can’t grow a forest like overnight/Hit the ghetto and slowly start plantin’ your seeds/Fuck is the point of you preaching your message to those that already believe what you believe?/ I’m on some ‘Fuck a retweet,’ most people is sheep” he continues.

While J. Cole doesn’t mention a person by name, a lot of fans believe he’s speaking about rapper Noname, who is very vocal on issues the Black community faces including racial injustice and oppression. Submissions:

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