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Aina More: Interview with SKRT Magazine


Aina More: Interview with SKRT Magazine

SKRT Magazine catches up with artist Aina More on our mellow #SKRTview segment.

Aina More is a Nigerian – British Afro-pop recording artist. She talks her style, inspirations, released and forthcoming projects; ‘It’s a W.R.A.P’ and ‘For People With Short Attention Spans’, announces an album coming this fall, her creative process, relationships & more exclusive to

  1. Tell us about yourself 

I’m Aina More, a Nigerian – British Afro-pop recording artist based in London, and a lot of things… but whatever I chose to do I do it authentically. I’m a very spiritual person, I believe in GOD and try my best to stay in tune with God. I’m a lover at heart but I have a lot of passion in my heart and I channel it through creativity.

  1. What influences the art/music you create? 

Usually an overwhelming feeling that I need to get something off my chest.

  1. What genre or style are you sticking to ?

I’m sticking to what feels right for me, I’m a multi genre artist so sticking to one thing has never been me, I can’t even stick to one hairstyle too long. I love playing with words and however it manifests is good for me if it’s good for my soul.

  1. What sparked your interest in making music?

I started writing back in school and had a knack for words, I went into writing and performing spoken word and writing in theatre and it birthed in me a love for words and beats.

  1. What projects have you released or planning to release?

I have an EP coming out which I’ve been working on for the past year or so, the first release from that is ‘Magic’ which is produced by Ace Keyz. I have released previous projects which I’m proud of including ‘It’s a W.R.A.P’ and ‘For People With Short Attention Spans’.

  1. What keeps you motivated, what is your creative process ?

To be honest I am not always motivated but I’ve learned to create even when I don’t particularly feel like it, I might not want to but even the feeling of not wanting to do something is a feeling so I pay attention to that. The process is always different but the one thing that is consistent is staying in tune with the universe and how I truly feel. Anything outside of that is going to be trash because it’s not authentic.

  1. What more to expect from your brand in the future?

MORE… Good quality authentic music and elevation on every level.

  1. Who are you eager to collaborate with?

Dr.Dre, Dave, Wretch 32 and Jhus.

  1. What is your fashion sense saying?

LOL. I just wear what I want. Sometimes sexy, sometimes hippy.

  1. Poison of choice?

High Grade

  1. Describe your social & romantic relationship status?

Introverted extrovert. I’m a lover at heart but I also like my space. I’m open to love.

  1. First Date Ideas?

Long drive to somewhere with a great view and great food. Or something active.

  1. Favorite whip/car?


  1. Vacay country/countries of choice ?

Ghana or Jamaica

  1. Soda or Water?

WATER all day everyday!!!

  1. Workout routine?

Looking at insta baddies working out. (And somehow hoping their body will manifest on mine). I don’t really workout. I just try to stay active daily, I eat healthy and occasionally lift the lil weights I have at home.

  1. How do you uplift your self spiritually and mentally?

Positive self talk and self compassion and I try to stay in conversation with God as often as possible.

  1. What impact do you plan to leave on society?

A positive one, one that says – whatever you do – do it authentically.

  1. Who is/are your mentor(s)?

Fela Kuti, Dele Sosimi personally and otherwise I admire Kendrick, Wretch 32, Ghetts and Nicki Minaj for her fearlessness and execution.

  1. Give a quote(s) you want to be remembered by?

Stay authentic.

Thank you for pulling up, Looking forward to seeing you at the next SKRTFest event.

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