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Ogranya: Interview with SKRT Magazine


Ogranya: Interview with SKRT Magazine

SKRT Magazine catches up with artist Ogranya on our mellow #SKRTview segment.

He talks his style, influences, his creative process & more exclusive to

Tell us about yourself

I’m an artist and an architect. Born and bred in Rivers State, Nigeria to a family where singing was literally a daily ritual. Studied Architecture in Ghana and practiced in Port Harcourt for a few years before returning to Ghana to further both careers.

What influences the art/music you create?

Everything and everyone I experience or come in contact with. Every thought, every feeling, every conversation, every squabble, every song, every movie, every building, even insect sometimes *laughs* everything.

What genre or style are you sticking to ?

I want to do as many genres as I can get my hands on. So I keep tinkering. However, it’s always going to be soul primarily.

What sparked your interest in making music?

My friends in university. I got in the studio because of them.

What projects have you released or planning to release?

Eden Evermore, Imperfect, Chronicles Of Magik, Vanity, Treasure. All EPs excluding the first one (which was an LP).

What keeps you motivated, what is your creative process ?

There’s a lot of art in the ethos; in nature as well as man-made. Creation is all around us. Interacting with life on a daily basis inspires me to want to create some more. I’m constantly writing and trying to hum a “new” melody. Beats get sent to me from producers and I marry my ideas with theirs. At it’s simplest, this is a breakdown of my process.

What more to expect from your brand in the future?

I’m falling in love with film and the idea of cinema so that might whisk me away at some point, for however long it keeps my interest.

Who are you eager to collaborate with?

The United Nations.

What is your fashion sense saying?

Tastefully simple.

Poison of choice?


Describe your social & romantic relationship status?

My introversion has cost me the social life I probably deserve. It isn’t remotely enviable but I’m currently on a mission to remedy that. My romantic life, it’s doing quite well, thank you.

First Date Ideas?

The problem with this question is that we as a people are too quick to confuse singers as romantic people. We really aren’t. If I give you a first date idea, you fit no rate me again.

Favorite whip/car?

I’ve always eyed Peugeot, Mercedes and [most recently] BMW – in that order. The Europeans do it best. I like the Toyota Sienna 2021 Minivan though.

Vacay country/countries of choice ?

I’ve been watching Narcos recently so as of this moment, it would be Colombia. For some magical realism.
Soda or Water?


Workout routine?

God is in control.

How do you uplift your self spiritually and mentally?

I read, write, take walks, watch consciousness and psychology related talks, all while simultaneously praying (or at least trying to) in between pockets while doing any of said activities.

What impact do you plan to leave on society?

I’m super keen on finding out for myself too. I hope it’s positive.

Who is/are your mentor(s)?

It’s a long list that runs from Mansa Musa, King Solomon, Jesus, Mahatma Gandhi, James Allen, Martin Luther King, Muammar Gaddafi, John Lennon, Paulo Coelho, Michael Jackson, Sade Adu, Jay Z, John Mayer, Kendrick Lamar.

Give a quote(s) you want to be remembered by?

Our vices teach us to love. Be patient with yourself.

Thanks for pulling up, Looking forward to seeing you at the next SKRTFest event

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