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Cloudy: Interview with SKRT Magazine


Cloudy: Interview with SKRT Magazine

SKRT Magazine catches up with artist Cloudy on our mellow interview segment.

He talks his style, influences, his creative process & more exclusive to

Tell us about yourself

I go by the name of Cloudy, from Hackney East London and I’m an artist in general, I’m mainly influenced by rap, Afrobeats and R&b , it’s almost as if I fuse the genres together in one song.

What influences the art/music you create?

What influences the music I make is literally the surroundings around me, situations and life experiences. Everyday there’s something new going on but whether it affects me negatively or positively I’ll write about it.

What genre or style are you sticking to ?

I’m not sticking to no genre and I’m not sticking to no style but my own which can’t be described, I’m going with the flow of how I feel.

What sparked your interest in making music?

What sparked my interest was from when I was 9 I knew I could rap but I listened to a lot of commercial music and knew that I would want to make a song like this one day. So over the years I was inspired and watched music change then in 2018 it clicked properly and I made a very good song, then from there studio became a habit within me and I haven’t looked back since.

What projects have you released or planning to release?

I’ve released 3 tracks by myself and one feature since July 2020 to now and I’m planning for more to come out, so just be on the look out.

What keeps you motivated, what is your creative process ?

What keeps me motivated is progress In myself and others and watching the transition as you’re putting in the hard work because you realize it wasn’t for no reason. My creative process is either me mumbling different melodies or just going off the top of my head. I don’t go into the studio with anything planned whether it be the beat or the lyrics it’s all on the spot.

What more to expect from your brand in the future?

There’s many more to expect to be honest like I said I’m an “artist” and one genre can’t tie me down so people will definitely be surprised as we carry on this journey we only just started!

Who are you eager to collaborate with?

I don’t know yet due to the fact that I’m just focusing so much on getting myself out there properly that I don’t really think about it too tough.

What is your fashion sense saying?

My fashion sense is more on the hype-beast side of things so more recently it’s been things like flare jeans and jordans, but white air forces are always a go to. Hats whether they’re beanies or baseball caps too and just whatever top as long as it matches. But on a normal day I’m in a tracksuit, comfortability first man.

Poison of choice?

If this means alcohol, I don’t even want to talk about it I’m done with drinking *Laughs.*

First Date Ideas?

First date ideas is wherever you want to go, I’m content with anything and I’m also busy, so overthinking a first date or any date unless it’s your birthday is unnecessary. Like let’s have fun and go with the flow .

Favorite whip/car?

My favourite car has to be the new Mercedes s class or the range rover svr.

Vacay country/countries of choice ?

I’d defo go to Ghana and I’ll definitely recommend it, but countries like Singapore, Bali, Turks and Caicos are dream locations.

Soda or Water?


How do you uplift your self spiritually and mentally?

I uplift myself spiritually by praying a lot and thanking God for giving me life simply and for giving me the ability to do what I love no matter what stage of my career I’m at. Mentally I uplift myself by remaining humble and literally having patience because that’s the only way you’ll enjoy life, by being patient.

What impact do you plan to leave on society?

The impact I plan to leave on society is that I want people with talent no matter what it is, to not be afraid to showcase their talent and actually do it and perfect it because the world is ours and there’s no better feeling than being happy doing what you love.

Give a quote(s) you want to be remembered by?

I want to be remembered by the quote “fall seven times stand up eight”.

Thanks for pulling up, Looking forward to seeing you at the next SKRTFest event

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