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The Rise and Rise of Tems


The Rise and Rise of Tems

Tems isn’t that much of a new act to pop culture. Just about a year ago Tems had TV and radio stations blazing with ‘Try Me’, a fine alternative sound with a blend of R&B, Pop & hints of reggae. It’s almost like you can count her released singles on one hand and yet ‘Essence’ with Wizkid just debuted on Billboard’s Hot 100 on July 12th 2021, becoming the first Nigerian song in history to.

It’s hard to tell the story when things start peaking from right around the beginning, The Rise of Tems is a musical with just the amount of suspense to have you go nuts, do you ever get drunk enough with her discography and still want a lot more? Bartender please. Nigerian singer & songwriter Tems released her EP “For Broken Ears” in 2020, with just as many tracks as you can have on an album, 7, if this isn’t me wanting more.. ‘Free Mind’, ‘Ice T’ and ‘Damages’ being favorites, we have enough to bring us right back to asking for more.

Tems has released three music videos and it’s been just about year since her first, Try Me, with Damages and The Key following up.

Try Me (2020)

Damages (2020)

The Key (2021)

If we’re going to get high on everything Tems, we might as well start with her brand, and i would say, you can tell from her high end charisma and fashion sense she’s very well collected, classy and it’s giving bougie. Tems gives off a fierce look most usually, she can definitely put on a mean mug to have you talking nice, she’s grown-ish and seems like one to be a queen bee amongst her peers, the video for Damages paints a vivid dreamy picture about that, these are notions we have picked up from visuals and pictures mostly. It’d be a pleasure to know she’s as social as she may come off as in interviews and performances.

This year, Tems went from magazine cover to cover, from UK’s Notion magazine, London’s Wonderland magazine to Nigeria’s Genevieve and Germany’s Fraulein magazine. which elaborates her position in the fashion world & aspect of things to commemorate her for.

Where is this rocket ship headed? We can’t ask for more music because that would be just the pressure she did talk about on her cover story with Notion magazine and doesn’t need. All we can do mostly is, brace ourselves for what is to come, and from analysis what’s coming would knock the charts up whenever it drops, whatever drops right after Essence would begin to reaffirm her position in the international music scene. We can definitely see Tems bagging notable awards after this year’s review of occurrences in the music industry.

While Wizkid’s Essence is still doing bits and going up on billboard 100, we can tell from every Tik Tok and Instagram reel that a lot of high fashion models and influencers are most especially loving the sound and it’s a summer bop to remember.

Wizkid feat Tems – Essence (2021)

As Nigerians we get to enjoy a lot of credit for Caribbean sound, which enables our music to travel to foreign countries and Black Americans get to enjoy the music from their motherland, this is evident for Tems as her sound infuses elements that we all can enjoy with no limiting restrictions. Her music is constantly getting airplay on American radio and the likes of UK and Canada.

We have really seen nothing like this in the Nigerian scene where a female singer sweeps us all off our feet in such little time, you should also remember that before Wizkid’s Essence featuring Tems there was Khalid’s Know Your Worth featuring Tems & Davido.

Khalid & Disclosure – Know Your Worth feat. Tems & Davido

If you didn’t have enough tea on Tems, we’d like to share some before we leave, Drake! *sips tea* what could be going on behind the scenes with Tems and Drake? If that doesn’t stop you in your tracks and make you think, leave the room ’cause we’re about to gossip. Ever since American raper, Drake followed Tems on Instagram, the list of probabilities now seem endless and if wishes were horses, this duo could really be the start of something… i am talking music if your mind is drifting to way over there where i sent you intentionally. I’m not saying Tems wouldn’t make a beautiful beautiful bride but hey the music? R&B? Drake? It is one i am looking forward to, and we know for certain Drake isn’t one who overlooks an opportunity to cross borders with his music. It isn’t enough tea to start your morning but Drake did send a cute happy birthday message to Tems, publicly of course and we have receipts,

But wait? if you didn’t catch the fever at least American singer Chris Brown did.

The Rise of Tems, as stated earlier is a musical that is worth our while and we can’t get enough, a lot is expected but for now, We have put together a few looks to get you going.



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