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April Maey Breaks Down Her New Single ‘Sweatshirt’


April Maey Breaks Down Her New Single ‘Sweatshirt’

Based in Gent, Belgium, Nigerian singer April Maey emerged strongly during the lockdown months of 2020 with her EP “Ticket to Anywhere” which has gained over 1 million streams across music platforms. In August 2020, she released an EDM remix of standout track “Starry Night,” following up in November with a trippy animated video which introduced her delicately woven lyrics and poetic foundations to a broader audience. April Maey is proving to be an artist with great intentionality to every piece of content she puts out, gradually solidifying her in the alternative soul & R&B scenes in Nigeria and Belgium.

April’s latest single “Sweatshirt” (accompanied with a video) holds a relatable message to individuals who cherish being comfortable in their skin, their style, and the people around them.

In an interview with SKRT Magazine, she breaks the song down saying it’s about self confidence,

“I feel a lot of pressure when it comes to fashion and the essence of my identity. I’m not the type of person who necessarily “fits in” April continues

The point of this song is “it’s okay” you don’t have to wear designer brands or anything. Stay comfortable, and stay YOU.

And apart from that, you shouldn’t be pressured to be anybody other than yourself. I overthink a lot of stuff, the first verse of that song is basically about me overthinking “I’ll be in the corner singing, so just act like you ain’t see me drinking, losing time I’m out here overthinking, cause when I need my friends, they all go missing” (lyrics from Sweathsirt)

And then the realisation comes after “Oh f*ck it! I’ll be my own chef, I go hard” I don’t need anybody else to hype me up. I’m my own personal hype man.

Don’t think, do. Don’t try to impress, try to be you and be comfortable with who you are.

When asked if she intended to reflect all of that in the visuals, she says,

To be honest, i tried to capture me being myself with people I love and care about. We wanted to have fun and we did, even while creating the video.

The first scene is a press conference where I had to defend myself and who I AM. I was mad about the questions they asked me, I was upset that I had to defend myself, I wasn’t having it. So fuck it, it immediately switched from be being uptight, a diva, to me just smiling and living my best life with people I trust. We let go and partied in the streets of Gent.

The people there admired our passion and freedom. And that’s what I wanted to show. Have fun and be free, surround yourself by people you love. And more importantly, be comfortable with who you are because at the end of the day, you’re the only one who has to deal with yourself and your life.

If you aren’t comfortable, then what’s the point of it all. Who are you trying to impress by chasing clout or messing with people who only bring you down? Everyone’s a diva, so be a diva and thrive.

We thought the single Sweatshirt may be hinting at a career in fashion and here’s what April had to say,

Of course! i love fashion. but i will not conform to styles that aren’t ME. that’s the point of the song, i definitely plan on putting out a sweatshirt line for the fans. However, ill probably take fashion a bit more seriously in the future.

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