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OG Snypz: Interview with SKRT Magazine


OG Snypz: Interview with SKRT Magazine

SKRT Magazine catches up with artist OG Snypz on our interview segment.

He talks his style, influences, released projects & more exclusive to

Tell us about yourself

OG SNYPZ is a 23 year old Nigerian trap artiste born in Surulere, Lagos Nigeria originally from the eastern part of Nigeria, Anambra state precisely.

What influences the art/music you create?

The international music scene, mostly the American trap scene has had a huge influence in my music

What genre or style are you sticking to ?

Trap music is what I’ll be sticking to, it’s time the genre Afro-Trap should be a thing in the industry,I’m only doing my part in making it solid.

What sparked your interest in making music?

I’ve been rapping as a teenager but basically just knowing the music industry and wanting to be a part of it sparked my Interest in making music.

What projects have you released or planning to release?

My Debut EP tilted bagchaser would be dropping on Nov 5. Bagchaser will not only be an EP but a beginning of a new brand and movement.

What keeps you motivated, what is your creative process ?

Basically Just being around real people who have the same drive to succeed as me and of course my weed is all I need…Honestly I stay rolling *laughs*

What more to expect from your brand in the future?

A lot of things to be honest, new music, new videos, new content just whole lot me, I know I got a lot to show the world so I’ll definitely be working on more ways to freely express myself whether in music or fashion.

Who are you eager to collaborate with?

A whole lot of American trap artistes, there is so many of them I can’t start to list them all.

What is your fashion sense saying?

My fashion sense is saying “damn OG SNYPZ you lit af.

Poison of choice?


Describe your social & romantic relationship status?

I’m currently married to my music.

First Date Ideas?


Favorite whip/car?

I really love the dodge series…The Dodge demon is my favorite, can’t wait to own a dodge demon I’ll probably own a Dodge Challenger with it because I like that car also.

Vacay country/countries of choice ?

Santorini (the island in the Aegean Sea)

Soda or Water?

Water…I drink a lot of water.

Workout routine?

Morning push ups is all I do right now.

How do you uplift your self spiritually and mentally?

I pray a lot,without season actually… When I talk to God automatically I feel everything is gonna be alright.

Who is/are your mentor(s)?

I f**k with a lot of trap artistes but my top 3 Young Thug, Quavo, Future.

Give a quote(s) you want to be remembered by?

Chasing the bag never chasing clout. Submissions:

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