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Why Women Want a Rich Man


Why Women Want a Rich Man


Being rich is eventful as opposed to being broke. We all know the saying “Girls just wanna have fun”. Dating is delicate, you want to create fantasy, you want to set up desire, we all want an escape from our reality somehow. Movies help, Music helps, but love ? You’re gonna wanna fall in love. Love don’t come cheap unless it goes that way.  Love is expensive and I love luxury. Don’t you love lasting impressions? The flashbacks that never leave, places you’ve never been, Hello? Romance. You don’t want that kitty dried up, and there’s something about a rich man that just gets them all wet.

When you think of a rich man what comes to mind? A man in a suit ? He’s proper, dapper, stable, spontaneous, Christian grey, probably. Women want a man with their sh*t together, a rich man. Even the idea is stimulating. I mean c’mon, we all grew up on fairytales with rich, Prince Charming figures, women want a Prince, a Palace, a throne, security, a provider. Nobody wants a broke Prince Charming, how charming is that ?

Make it worth my while daddy? Get a hint. You’re gonna want your love story to be movie like. Exquisite scenery, a well lit expensive restaurant at an ungodly hour. Prince Charming, She wants a horse & a carriage, pick her up. If you don’t drive, Uber ? Backseat love story.. I mean the least you can do is champagne.

My love language is money, hello? Don’t make me feel sorry. She wants gifts, gestures with premeditated thought, flowers, chocolate, jewelry, a nice watch, some perfume. She wants a dream, and this dream, I want to share. Be a stand up guy.

Romance & Luxury go hand in hand. She wants a life of adventure, years of continued promise, it’s the dream, money is all the lube you need. The first time I fell in love, it was in an art gallery, with millions of art pieces worth millions, it was also the first time I had a cocktail Margarita.

First timers make for a good love story, think of all the menus you haven’t tried? Hotels? Travels? This is not a reference for date ideas, I just think you might wanna spoil your woman, it’s f**king great for your mental health and your ego.

A rich man is more confident, he might grope you in public, kiss you in the elevator, show up to your workplace like he owns the place. The road to success probably wasn’t easy, so he knows his way up your fountain. He’s got a lot of options ? Doesn’t that make your cute ass feel special. He’s more relaxed, his future screams certainty. You look in his eyes and you know he gets it easy & you’re desperate to please him. You want a rich man? You want rich romance, and you better not settle for less.

What’s great for your romance ? Let me know in the comments.

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