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Look in The Mirror, Say I’m a Baller


Look in The Mirror, Say I’m a Baller

I see you, ever since you were young you’ve been more different than your peers, more gifted, you’re cooler, the world is your red carpet, if the paparazzi don’t follow you around yet, it’s only a matter of time, you grew up without the systematic ideals of a modern day slave, you walk into a room and you light it up, you bring value to the table every goddamn time, if you actually played ball you’re the MVP every time, you believe in your dreams, your brand, your goals, you’re so focused, you fall and get up so many times.

You know what’s real baller about you? You can say you’re self made, you can scream f**k a 9-5 at the back of your lungs, you get to say YOLO, they need you, you don’t need them, you’re confident in your vision board, there’s a little rebel in you but it doesn’t make you irresponsible, you’ve made your first million or two, you’ve dated hot girls or hot guys, your love stories are Hollywood material, let’s not even talk about the stalkers on your Instagram, you put on a hell of a show, you’re so baller, *insert celebrity name* would totally date you, who knows, you’re probably on your way to Hollywood.. you’re God’s gift to earth & you deserve to ball every day of your life.

Now saddle up, Look in the mirror, say I’m a Baller!

What makes a baller ? People would pay to have you on their team, you have a certain set of skills that nobody else does, you’re the front page news. You’re a big deal, the big deals come to the ballers, see how much ballers earn for being so damn baller ? That’s so baller. You’re unrestricted, you have an abundance of time to chase your f**king dreams shot caller. There’s a whole world out there that’s totally different from your reality & it’s waiting for you!

What makes me a baller ? What’s my God given ability ? You’ve gotta make some baller ass decisions! Ballers risk their whole lives just to play ball! Imagine telling your parents you want to be a baller ? They’ll look at you weird. But look at the ballers you know today, *drumroll please* ALL F**KING BALLING.

Shot Caller, this won’t be easy! I wish you a baller ass life with baller ass whips and cribs, cos’ you deserve this baller ass sh**.

Make it your everyday habit, Look in the mirror & say I’m a baller. Peace.

Written by Theophilus King

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