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W1zzy: Interview with SKRT Magazine


W1zzy: Interview with SKRT Magazine

SKRT Magazine catches up with artist W1zzy on our interview segment.

He talks his style, influences, released projects, his creative process & more exclusive to

Tell us about yourself

I was born and raised in France with a Ghanaian heritage. I pride myself as being an international Afrobeat artist. Moving to the UK in my late teens I became one of the pioneers and advocates in 2008 for afrobeats here in the UK, with the group Vibe Squad. Music is my passion and my life, creating music is what I enjoy.

What influences the art/music you create?

The African culture. I am here to represent the people of my African community. I’m proud of my African roots and I ensure that I showcase that in everything I do. My music isn’t boxed it’s for the diaspora and I make sure that its current.

What genre or style are you sticking to ?

Afrobeats and Francophone.

What sparked your interest in making music?

My parents listened to a lot of Hip Life growing up so it was a sound I was very used to. I’m a very curious artist and i’m always willing to learn and try things. So when listening to Hip Life I would always admire the musical process of the songs, so understanding the rhythm, beats, sound and even lyrics and then I will take that knowledge and make my own.

What projects have you released or planning to release?

Love Always Wins – My latest project. A 9 track EP filled with a fusion of sounds in between afrobeats, afrotrap, francophone and hip hop. With stories of my life experiences and mindset. This EP took me a year to create during the pandemic and so far my greatest achievement.

What keeps you motivated, what is your creative process ?

Waking up every day and knowing that i’m not in the same struggles that I used to be when I was growing up. Every time I reflect and see all of the things I have achieved, it’s a motivation and that pushes me to keep working harder and achieve my dreams.
My Creative process is simple (to me *laughs*) Creating beats with producers and from that I start creating a melody then start with lyrics. Depending on the vibe and structure of my sessions will determine if I start with the chorus or the verse. Sometimes I record at a go, others I take my time, it all depends.

What more to expect from your brand in the future?

I see w1zzy to be a worldwide name, across all nations. Connecting people through music.

Who are you eager to collaborate with?

Amaarae, Omah Lay, Kidi, WSTRN, Aya Nakamura, MHD.

What is your fashion sense saying?

Drippy, Stylish, Foreign *laughs*. I like to take care of my appearance. Fashion is a big thing for me, I like to look good. I believe that your appearance says a lot about the type of person you are.

Poison of choice?

Alcohol – Hennessy and apple juice to be specific *laughs*.

Describe your social & romantic relationship status?

Single. Saving myself for the right one.

First Date Ideas?

The perfect first date is an activity such as bowling then dinner and cocktails afters. You can never go wrong wth pasta and a p*rnstar martini.

Vacay country/countries of choice ?

Best vacation – Carribean islands Jamaica or Maldives,

Soda or Water?


Workout routine?

Depending on the day. 20 minute cardio before every workout.

How do you uplift your self spiritually and mentally?

Learn to have a balance with life and music.
Prayer and meditation. Setting boundaries and protecting my energy.

What impact do you plan to leave on society?

A positive impact, where we can uplift one and other. Aspire to inspire. When people think about W1zzy, I want people to automatically think that he has the best positive energy and lives life to the fullest.

Who is/are your mentor(s)?

I wouldn’t say I have a specific mentor, but when I need to, I lean on my friends in the music industry who I talk to for advice.
A lot of my friends who I’ve grown up with are actually in the industry so its easy for me to talk to them as friends and also musical colleagues.

Give a quote(s) you want to be remembered by?

Bad energy fi bombaclart.
Live your best life to the fullest don’t let anyone stop your blessings.

Thank you for participating, Looking forward to seeing you at the next SKRTFest event.


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