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Press Play: Bino Rideaux feat. King Combs – NO MAKEUP (Video)


Press Play: Bino Rideaux feat. King Combs – NO MAKEUP (Video)

Bino Rideaux returns with “NO MAKEUP” a melodic Hip Hop contribution featuring King Combs. Bino Rideaux rides out the production by Blxst. Directed by Keaton Brownlow & Michael Vincent.
Bino Rideaux & Blxst’s recent collab project “Sixtape” commemorate their team ability & new generation Hip Hop/R&B sound.

Press Play.


Lil baby pressure with no make up, on, f*ck sleeping cause we gone stay up, long/ Swear that little p*ssy could get ate up, I’m one hundred, the real one, not the fake one/ Yea yea/ You finna let me serve it out your place huh/

Yea yea, you take these Birkins to the face huh/ Yea yea, beat it til it bust up like a uzi, I can’t get enough of it/ Baby I’m a groupie, oowee, I’m finna go tricc in my lil b get her something expensive/ We then n***as running up digits like hundreds of millions

Listen to Bino Rideaux & Blxst collab project “Sixtape 2”.

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