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Film Club: Leighton Meester / Movie: The Weekend Away (2022)

Film Club

Film Club: Leighton Meester / Movie: The Weekend Away (2022)


While Beth’s (Leighton Meester) own marriage to Rob (Luke Norris) is apparently undergoing a “rough patch,” she is nonetheless dedicated to their baby and to taking a break since her old pal (Christina Wolfe) is insisting.

“The Weekend Away, from the Strangerland director Kim Farrant, opens with a woman’s body floating in calm water, so you can assume Beth’s holiday in Croatia with best friend Kate (Christina ) will end in at least one casualty. The road to that point is initially sleek and promising, with a taut first third that quickly illustrates the women’s strained thirtysomething friendship and sets up a decently plausible mystery. Beth is a new mother barely out from the haze of sleepless nights and post-partum depression. Kate, blonde and beguiling, is a social butterfly reeling from a recent divorce that’s sent her into a black hole of hedonistic narcissism.

After Beth admits over dinner that her marriage to Rob (Luke Norris) has cooled so much that they haven’t had sex in over a year, Kate drags her to a club, ignores her request for water, and finds two men to flirt with. The rest is a blacked-out blur, convincingly relayed in small flashbacks; Beth awakens from her bender to find Kate missing and delays her trip home to London to find her.” – Adrian Horton (The Guardian)

The lead of The Weekend Away, Meester, who played beloved mean girl Blair Waldorf on the original Gossip Girl. Dressed understatedly with dry hair in a messy ponytail, Meester convincingly looks the part of a woman who has not taken a night to herself in a long while, and she delivers a solid performance.

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